Creating exceptional corporate events in 2017

The Event Travel Management team are busy planning a range of exciting and inspirational events at home and abroad for 2017.

Here’s our top tips for creating exceptional events.

  1. Define your goals and stick to them – What do you want to achieve from your event? Ensure that every element of the experience leads to achieving your goals for the best value.
  2. Book early – Hotels and venues have a steady stream of events taking place so be sure to book early to give your attendees the best experience possible.
  3. Set the tone from the outset – Depending on your audience, invitations can be sent electronically or via mail. Remember this first communication will set the tone of expectations for your event.
  4. Work smarter, not harder – Online registrations keep track of all guest information and will assist in communicating to participants throughout the entire process.
  5. Attention to detail – The smallest details can have a huge impact, so don’t overlook them! Have you checked school holidays, big sporting events and how these may impact attendance to your event?
  6. Have a back-up plan – If you are holding an outdoor event, have a ‘wet weather backup’ in the event of rain, even if the chance is very small.
  7. Communication – Remember to keep your attendees informed at all times. An event website can be updated regularly and provides a great focus point for attendees to refer back to.
  8. Budget – Keep your budget updated at all times to ensure that you are meeting your budget expectations.
  9. Be tech savvy – Technology helps businesses stay at the forefront of their industry, so make the most of it during your events too. From event feedback via apps, communicating changes to attendees pre- and during events, to interactive sessions, there are a huge array of tech solutions which will add value and enhance the attendee experience at your events.
  10. Follow up – A survey is a great way to communicate with your attendees post-event, to gather feedback on venue, speakers, entertainment and content and to determine whether you achieved your event goals.

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