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Designing events for Millennials, Gen Z and below
1 March 2020

By the end of 2020, Millennials are expected to dominate the global workforce (35%), while in the UK we are already seeing them reach this status (50%). Not far behind, Gen Z (mid-1990s – 2010s) are already having an impact on the way we structure our working lives, with their new-age mindset influencing business decisions such as hyper-connectivity and reassessing company ethics. Learn More

Is it time to outsource?
14 January 2020

With over 1.3 million business meetings and events being organised by UK event planners last year. It is evident that events are an increasingly important way for companies to engage with their customers, prospects and staff. When arranged and managed effectively, events can help attract new business, increase sales and boost employee morale. Learn More

Using Gamification at events
7 October 2019

Are you always looking for ways to improve delegate engagement? Quite often many events are characterised as boring or less engaging an ‘all work and no play’ structure and typically involve preordained speeches, followed by questions and answers with little spontaneity. Learn More

The future of hotels
14 May 2019

What will the hospitality industry look like in a few years' time? A recent report predicts that the rise of tech-augmented services, unique loyalty systems and the end of ‘room types’ will be the main disruptors for the industry in the years ahead. Learn More

Flying responsibly
24 April 2019

Two airlines making headway with sustainability targets – Qantas and United – are profiled here as champions for the industry. Learn More

CTM Marks International Women’s Day 2019
8 March 2019

At a recent CTM global gathering in Asia, we took the opportunity to mark International Women’s Day 2019 by interviewing a range of our senior female leaders about what inspires them in their careers, and what advice they would give to the next generation of female business leaders. Here’s what they had to say… Learn More