Strategic Meetings Management

Strategic meetings management is the last aspect of unmanaged travel, particularly if your company has already globalised transient spend.

ETM knows that strategically managing meetings and events spend will help leverage suppliers and mitigate risk, something that is a crucial component of any SMMP.

ETM have extensive experience in strategic meetings management, both in the events space and in the area of travel and meetings consolidation.

Our intelligent sourcing and reporting technology allows businesses to drive significant savings and policy compliance.

Our strategic meeting management program is provided as a consultancy service and can be designed around your corporate needs.

A large number of factors contribute to the success of a program. We believe the top three include:

• Senior management support

• Data and reporting capabilities

• Having an outsourced partner / stakeholder engagement


Key Features:

• Development of an overall event strategy

• Venue sourcing and negotiation

• Spend reporting and consolidation

• Tracked return on investment

• Creation of event theme inline with brand positioning and strategy

• Design and production

• Speaker support

• Centralized sourcing

• Advice on message delivery

• Audience response systems

• Centralized review of contracts

• Interactive debates


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