Why use an Event Management company?

6 July 2018

There are many benefits to using an event management company – stress reduction being just one of them! Planning and managing an event can be a lengthy and costly process, our events team have outlined why using a professional event management company is essential!

1. Cost and time

By outsourcing the organisation and management of your events to company who does this daily will undoubtedly save you time and money.  They will have established relationships with venues/hotels and and can negotiate excellent rates on your behalf not only based on your spend but also the wider buying power of the events company. All they need to know is your date, preferred location, budget and the rest is taken care of. An event company will also know what added value you can get – Things like onsite equipment being included, extras in the rooms or a reduced group rate are all things that can save you money and perhaps you wouldn’t know are even available. Outsourcing can sometime feel like you are taking on an additional cost, but on the contrary a good event agency should be able to add value and drive down cost, more than paying for their services.

2. Creative ideas

An event company will be full of new and exciting ideas to enhance your event, depending on your requirements, they will recommend an event format to suit you, your audience and your budget. Event managers will bring a lot of experience into play which means you can be self-assured that your event will be a success and having the peace of mind that you have someone experienced at the end of the phone who is managing every element of your event.

3. Technology

Event management companies use a selection of tools and software that allows them to communicate with attendees efficiently and professionally. This can be anything from creating an event website and mobile app to onsite technology and reporting. The ever changing landscape of technology really means that you can push delegates event experience and your event agency can help align the messaging and content you want to get over in

4. Budget management

The initial brief and planning is critical to a perfectly executed event.  A successful event requires a detailed timeline, plan and budget that is adhered to. Your chosen agency will create these for you and work within your desired budget, it’s always good to discuss expectations and for someone who knows what they are talking about, to be able to advise you on what you are likely to get for your money.

5. Brand protection

A poorly delivered event can damage your company’s brand/reputation. Attending an event is hardly a new experience for most people, so execution must be seamless. Having an event company on hand will help elevate the pressure and ensure they deliver the best result. Being able to deliver an event that really gets required messages across to delegates and show an ROI is essential in today’s corporate event industry and something an event management company can help you with.