Using Gamification at events

7 October 2019

What is Gamification?

Are you always looking for ways to improve delegate engagement? Quite often many events are characterised as boring or less engaging an ‘all work and no play’ structure and typically involve preordained speeches, followed by questions and answers with little spontaneity.

As technology advances, a new digital interactive concept has become increasingly popular within the event and conference industry.

Gamification has become widely introduced at many corporate business events, conferences and large-scale meetings.

The simplest definition to describe gamification is the practice of adding game-like elements and principles into something that already exists to motivate participation, engagement and loyalty, which can be a huge incentive in the event industry.

Gamification aims to amplify the ultimate attendee experience, which taps into some powerful core drives of individuals behaviours, such as desires and needs that revolve around status, achievement and rewards. This proves the ‘fun factor’ for attendees that many events lack and can be a huge part of achieving business objectives and a huge benefit for sponsors and speakers.

Benefits of Gamification

As every event planner knows, engagement is key to a good event and a gamified aspect has the added advantage of increasing learning retention and engagement. Examples of gamification include:

  • Social media engagement: setting up a series of contest prior to the event and on the event day. E.g. getting ticket holders to use the event hashtag or take a photo which would naturally involve a prize.
  • Checking in at certain stations in order to win badges or points
  • Adding bonus points for early registration to increase attendance.
  • Attendees can invite others to attend the event, to which they can track the total through a digital app
  • During the event could involve group tasks to bolster networking.
  • Using a custom-made app as part of an event can also be a great way to bring in elements of gamification especially in today’s smartphone world.

Gamifying the event will motivate observers and get them into the full flow of the event, generating a widespread interest.

ETM’s Gamification offerings

Many planners want to incorporate gamification into their events, meetings and conferences, but often lack knowledge. It requires careful strategy planning and execution to be effective, but is totally worth the effort to get attendees engaged and feeling more connected.

At Event Travel Management (ETM) we offer powerful event technology at your fingertips 24/7, providing maximum visibility, accessibility and engagement with events. Our event technology can be integrated with customers’ existing systems and processes ensuring a seamless event management experience. Gamification can enhance how an audience engages with a brand or at an event, it can help create a brand narrative, messaging and brand association and be more memorable through a personalised experience.