Planning a work Christmas Party – Exclusive versus Joiner Events

28 August 2019

Now that summer is almost over, our attention has turned to the festive season and all the excitement it brings to get us through the winter. When it comes to planning a work Christmas Party, things can seem a little overwhelming with so many decisions to make and so little time. To make your life a little easier, the team at ETM have shared some useful tips to help get you started.

Below we list the benefits of joiner parties and exclusive events and list the difference between the two.


What’s the difference?

Joiner parties are events designed for multiple companies who each purchase attendance for their guests and share the venue, catering, entertainment and so on. Exclusive parties are created for one company only, and the venue, catering and entertainment are provided exclusively.


What are the benefits of each?

Joiner parties – these events provide a social atmosphere for guests to mingle with others from outside their organisation. They are often more affordable than exclusive parties and require less time and effort from each group.

Exclusive parties – designed specifically for one client, these events are more tailored and intimate. They offer more flexibility in terms of location, event size and catering.


When is it better to choose a joiner party or an exclusive party?

For smaller companies or those with smaller events budgets, a joiner party provides great value for money. It’s a clever way to get a great venue and quality catering, without having to pay too much.

Larger companies may prefer to choose exclusive packages, as more guests brings down the average cost per head. This way, they can have full control over the event theme and bring colleagues together who may not regularly socialise at work.

Tips for planning the perfect work Christmas Party:

  1. Book as early as you can – it sounds obvious but availability is very tight in December, particularly Wednesday to Friday nights, so getting something booked sooner rather than later will ensure the most choice
  2. Make sure you consider the profile of your attendees. Everyone loves a good Christmas party but it’s important that any activities and entertainment are appropriate for your group and something everyone will enjoy
  3. If you have the budget, consider ‘blank canvas’ venues and dry hire of unique or unusual venues – not only are you more likely to find better availability with these types of venue, but you also then have total control over every element of the party from the catering to the décor and entertainment
  4. Where possible, try to negotiate inclusive drinks and catering packages – often these can be more cost effective than paying for items separately or simply having an open bar tab on the night
  5. Engage with an event partner like ETM to do the leg work for you in sourcing the best venues, negotiating the best prices and work with you to create a memorable festive celebration for your team. That way you can enjoy the party too!

Looking for an expert to help manage your work Christmas Party while keeping costs low? Contact ETM today: