Is it time to outsource?

14 January 2020


To outsource or not to outsource? Has your company grown significantly over the last few years? Perhaps you want a better oversight of the meetings and group bookings being made by various departments and stakeholders? Maybe planning a meeting or event is one of the many tasks on your ‘to do list’ and you simply need someone to do the legwork for you? In any of these cases, it may be time to consider outsourcing and partnering with an events agency.


With over 1.3 million1 business meetings and events  being organised by UK event planners last year. It is evident that events are an increasingly important way for companies to engage with their customers, prospects and staff. When arranged and managed effectively, events can help attract new business, increase sales and boost employee morale.

Here are just a few reasons why engaging an event agency can prove to be invaluable to your business and your next event.


1. Saves time and money

By outsourcing the planning and management of your events to an events agency they can save you time and money, through leveraging their buying power and established relationships with venues, hotels, air, and ground transportation. This means they can negotiate excellent rates and favorable contractual terms on your behalf. An event agency will also know what added value you can get – like onsite equipment being included, extras in the rooms or a reduced group rate.


At ETM we can locate the most suitable and cost-effective venues for events of all sizes, by conducting extensive destination research and leveraging our sophisticated inventory management tools to identify the best rates and availability.


2. Budget management 

The initial brief and planning are critical to a perfectly executed event. A successful event requires a detailed timeline and budget that is adhered to. An event agency will create these for you and work to keep within your desired budget, including identifying and mitigating any potential or additional hidden costs.


3. Advanced event technology

From event registration and travel bookings to delegate tracking and gamification,  a great event agency will provide you with the technology you need to elevate your event. At ETM, we build customised event apps and registration sites that support your event theme and message and promote maximum attendee engagement.


4. Creativity 

The events industry is constantly evolving. The job of the event agency is to stay in the know of these interests and provide new and exciting concepts to enhance your event. Depending on your requirements, they will recommend an event format to suit your audience and budget. An event manager will be allocated who will provide knowledge and experience which means you can be assured that your event will be a success.


5. Duty of care

Finally, while taking employees offsite or overseas can be a great way to improve engagement, it also raises a new set of risks for businesses. An event agency can proactively manage any risks before and during the event and deal with any uncertainties that may arise, allowing all attendees to focus on enjoying the experience.


At ETM, we are focused on planning and delivering creative and memorable events that engage, excite and inspire. For Q1 (Jul-Sep) ETM serviced almost 90,000 people across 1500 events globally, demonstrating our expertise across all aspects of the MICE space. Customers can have confidence in ETM’s ability to provide creative solutions, actively manage risk, keep the plan on track and execute a successful event.


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