ETM takes customised event apps to the next level

6 September 2018

Event Travel Management (ETM) plans and delivers creative and memorable events that engage, excite and inspire.

A key component of this offering is developing apps that enhance engagement and ensure a seamless delegate experience.

Utilising the very latest App technology, ETM designs and builds customised event apps as part of their end-to-end event management offering.

Integrating the very latest release features, the tool was tested during a recent three-day CTM internal event. Usage of the app started within just one hour of being launched, four days before the event, with a 100% uptake rate from all three-day attendees.

It’s safe to say delegates and organisers were impressed with its features and capabilities.

“The app was amazing and kept us up-to-date on any changes and made the whole experience more interactive.”

In line with ETM’s full-service event and travel management offering, the latest app delivered a range of capabilities. These included delegate agendas, travel itineraries and attendee lists, as well as chat and alert functions, social walls, gamification, and surveys and feedback.

Agenda and Travel Itineraries

The ETM event app featured highly-personalised and detailed event agendas and travel itineraries for each delegate and each day of the event. Organisers were also able to surprise and delight delegates with specifically timed information releases about planned proceedings.

Chat and Alerts

The ETM event app’s internal chat feature allowed organisers to send all, or individual, attendees messages, alerts, and reminders at any time. It was the perfect way to remind attendees of departure times or an important key note address.

It also allowed delegates to chat to each other or organisers easily, by simply finding a delegate’s name on the attendee list or through their contacts in their Meet and Greet.

“Excellent! The app was a fantastic idea, no need for paper and easy to be updated through the conference”

Social Walls and Meet and Greet

The Social Wall was a massive hit amongst delegates. It was a great way to create extra engagement between attendees while keeping business activities contained within the event. Attendees shared photos and posts as well as posting comments and likes on each other’s content. This activity was also ‘gamified’ to add points to a delegate’s tally, keeping track of the most engaged attendees.

The Meet and Greet function was also environmentally conscious as it removed the need for the exchange of business cards. Delegates scanned individual attendee QR codes and automatically had their contact details stored in an exportable list.


Gamification was a great way to increase engagement and create excitement. The ETM event app provided a platform for the collection of points and achievements through interaction with other attendees or with sponsors and exhibitors.

The addition of gamification helped to take delegate engagement at the event to new heights, adding to the points gained through the Social Wall and Session Survey responses, the competition at the top of the leader board was fierce.

“The app kept us engaged throughout the conference, it was fun!”

Is an event app right for you?

ETM can fully customise an event app to suit your individual event and brand look and feel. With the ability to select features that best suit your event, an ETM designed and built app is the perfect tool to complement both small and large events. If you haven’t considered using a customised event app before, contact ETM to discover the benefits.