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To design technology that moulds itself to your internal systems and processes, we believe it’s essential to understand your objectives, challenges and culture. Our in-house technology team develop proprietary software which we then combine with the best technology the events and travel industries have to offer.

We always involve our clients in developing, improving and extending our innovations, including a bespoke platform for event and group flight programmes. We use automated email communications, secure online registration and payment collection, sophisticated contact management and professional event website templates to take client projects to a new level.


We build mobile-friendly websites to engage delegates and drive registrations. We work with you to design the appropriate look & feel and to develop relevant content. We also help boost engagement by making it easy for attendees to post your event to social media sites.

Our event management system has been designed to save you time whilst increasing attendance by:

  • Accepting registrations via the web, smartphone, fax or mail
  • Pre-populating customer registration forms with invitee data
  • Allowing attendees to choose tracks and sessions
  • Approving or denying registrations submitted
  • Managing event programmes with task lists and calendars
  • Designing and printing certificates, mailing labels, tickets and name badges
  • Creating the event in multiple languages


Our clients can meet all of their event needs through just one provider. API integration between Crowd Compass App and the ETM technology management system allows for a seamless user experience. Our behind-the-scenes data integration ensures that activities and updates happening in the event system are consistently pushed to the mobile app.


Thanks to ETM technology, any computer or tablet can easily be converted into a kiosk. Delegates can be registered and confirmations, agendas, tickets and name badges can be printed with delegate-specific barcodes or QR codes, quickly and easily.


Our event management system has been designed to save you time whilst increasing attendance.

You can:

  • Access to several standard reports plus unlimited custom reports
  • Measure campaign success using cross event reports
  • Share real-time reports by placing them on a secure web page
  • Export data to a variety of common formats, including Excel, Word, PDF and more


For delegate feedback, our events toolkit can build and distribute powerful surveys that can be branded, personalised and distributed via our secure email marketing system.

Our Tools

delegate-trackingDELEGATE TRACKING

Our delegate tracking tools allow your attendees one seamless online experience. Using our technology connects their journey from the second they register to the final moment they provide feedback. It is all managed through our delegate tracking tools.


meetings-managementMEETINGS MANAGEMENT

ETMs technology manages your venue find, meetings calendars, project management tools and strategic reporting all in one connected online hub.



Consolidated technologies ensure that travel and events are integrated in one place. Register for your hotel at the same time as searching live flight availability.



Event technology should continue to connect experiences once your delegates have arrived onsite. Our technology creates bespoke apps, promotes onsite checking and even takes feedback during sessions.


Event SoftwareREPORTING

With several standard reports ETM know what you need for comprehensive reporting. If for any reason one of our reports doesn’t meet your requirements, no problem, we will create one just for you.


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