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Planning executive retreats
9 November 2017

All business leaders need to set aside time from their day-to-day demands to discuss issues and think strategically about the future. But what are the best ways to ensure a retreat or planning session is productive for company directors and executives? Learn More

Multicultural Metropolis
2 November 2017

Any short-haul meeting or incentive trip must have Germany’s thriving capital on the hit list. Berlin ticks all the boxes for venues, hotels, accessibility and endless downtime possibilities. Learn More

Embracing bleisure for business events travel
19 September 2017

Find out how the events industry can embrace the shift towards blending corporate events with leisure travel, and how companies can work with event managers to effectively manage bleisure travel for their employees. Learn More

An Event Planners Guide to Copenhagen
18 September 2017

The Danish capital has been dubbed the world’s most liveable city and its people the world’s happiest due to hygge, their ability to find a work-life balance that makes the most of the good things in life... Learn More

An Event Planners Guide to Iceland
8 August 2017

Iceland is not your normal European destination and that’s its USP. Incentive delegates can play golf,ski, hike mountains, trek through wilderness, go snowmobiling, marvel at geysers which help generate 99% of the island’s electricity from renewable sources and swim in the spectacular Blue Lagoon and not have to queue for any of it. That’s one advantage of being one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world. Learn More

Global corporate event destinations
8 June 2017

Find the perfect place for your corporate event from our world map, which pinpoints four different hubs and the optimum destinations from them based on seasonality, flight time and jet lag. Learn More